Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Dunelm Winnie the Pooh Nursery Range

When we found out that we were to have a girl, I was so excited, it finally meant I could have a pink room in the house.....then hormones got in the way and the pink paint samples on the world just didn't look right and well I couldn't find any bedding that was 'just right'.

I had in my head Disney bedding in a soft pink, reality was I couldn't find any that met my needs and everything I liked, hubby didn't.

So what to do?
Hand it over to the big brother of course. We set about compiling a list of bedding that we liked and was available and let him choose. Maybe in hindsight this was a bad idea as if Winnie the Pooh was in the mix, that would be the 1st choice for him and well it was!

Just as we were looking for bedding I received an email from Dunelm advertising their new range of Disney Bedding. 
Personally I adored the Dumbo range but with it being grey and white it didn't appeal to our son who opted for the Winnie The Pooh range which was actually the best decision!
The next day I set out and bought the range ready for the new baby, the next decision was planning what colour to paint the walls. Unfortunately the nursery is rather small as we plan on keeping our 3rd largest bedroom as the spare room so baby ended up with what used to be the office.

After trying pinks, greys and whites we settled on Jurassic Stone by Dulux it may look a little dark but the room is very light and bright and the colour looked great on the walls so I cannot wait for the room to get painted.

Carpet and furniture still needs to be ordered so it will be work in progress but at least we have a theme.


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