Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The 20 Week Scan

So the date finally arrived and it was time to see our baby again. 
This time around both of my scans have been first thing in the morning so I have not had a long wait throughout the day to get to see little one.

As we had the private scan a few weeks ago, we wanted it to be confirmed, have a 2nd opinion so to speak! 
Our appointment was 9am so we were there bright and early and I had desperately tried to drink as much water as I could for the scan. We were fortunate to have the same person as last time who took a great deal of time checking over our baby and showing us the detail of the heart which was absolutely amazing, considering how small the baby still is!

After what felt like a lifetime, a trip to the toilet thanks to the baby being tucked neatly by my bladder, all was confirmed as ok and that we were having a girl.

We of course took the opportunity to have some more images to take away and then it was back to the waiting room to wait for the notes to be updated and for a visit to see the Doctor to determine my level of care for the remainder of the pregnancy.

The appointment consisted of the usual, blood pressure check, mrsa swaps taken where I was required to use a rather large cotton bud to swab my knicker line and inside my nose as well as providing a urine sample - pretty standard.
The Doctor then came to see me and was happy I was having a low risk pregnancy despite my previous section and that she was happy for me to be under midwife led care.

Good news all around, now it's time to go shopping!


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