Monday, 27 July 2015


Hi, I am Kelly. 
Currently wife and  mum to a 4.5year old with Baby No.2 on the way expected in January.

I love writing and I love sharing my experiences with others. As a first time parent I often wondered if I was doing things right, if I was a good mum  and was often consumed by 'Parent Guilt'.

I have been toying with the idea of writing a blog on my journey from going from 1 child to 2 and today decided to make the decision to give it a go.

So here it goes......

My honest opinions on products, life and everything that goes with it, I hope you find it an interesting read.
Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Time to invest in maternity wear

In the first trimester I went out hunting for maternity clothes, I didn't want to spend too much but having lost weight I had no idea whether I could expect a huge gain and to expand rapidly or whether I would remain my normal clothes size. Although I did not have a huge baby bump I felt constantly bloated and uncomfortable so made the move into maternity clothes around 11 weeks.

I invested in some leggings from M&S in the maternity range and they have never been off me since, they are so unbelievably comfortable and I would recommend them to anyone! They just fit perfectly.

I tend to live in leggings as I am at home most days so I rarely need to dress up as I am in the house so I wanted to have some long t-shirts that I could grow into. 
Many of the maternity outlets now are online so the likes of New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Next I was having to order to try on, not ideal for me so I found myself venturing into new shops that I had never previously thought of.

M&S had a limited range of maternity wear and well I was not all that impressed, nothing stood out to me as something I would want to buy and wear. 

H&M however I found fantastic, investing in an oversized loose sweater that was not too thin and could be layered up and a bargain in the sale at just £5. I also found a grey and black striped t-shirt which had 3/4 sleeves and was so very flattering again a snip at
Next door was a small collection in Debenhams but a little but more expensive, I found a lovely maroon dress with butterflies on that I could layer up in the winter and wear with leggings, this was
£28.50 but thankfully I went at the right time as there was a 20% discount.

This was my maternity wardrobe, minimal but functional. 
I also managed to grab a great deal a 2 pack of long sleeve maternity tops from Mothercare for just
£7.50 so that should see me through the next few months......