Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Review of the Fisher Price Mummy Walk Along Stroller

With out daughter turning 1 in January many of her Christmas gifts were in preparation for what she would be doings a toddler. One of those things we knew would be walking very soon.
The Fisher-Price Mummy Stroll Along Musical Walker is one of the prettiest walkers I have seen and with most of our daughter's toys being handed down from our older son it is nice to give her something a little more girly.
I grew up with the brand Fisher-Price and even now I look forward to what toys are in the marketplace for my children to grow up with.
Recommended from the age of 9 months, our daughter first started showing an interest in using this when she was 12 months old and had developed walking around her playpen.
The walker comes in a small compact box and does take a while to assemble, this I passed over to my husband. 
The walker lights up and plays music when you insert the 2 x AA batteries in the rear of the stroller. The Princess Chime Doll is compatible with the stroller and is available separately.
I have done a quick video review to show the walker and to give you an idea of what it's like for baby to use.
Our daughter is now 13 months old and enjoys taking her little doll in and out of the pushchair as well as activating the lights and sounds by herself.

  • Size H40.5, W48.5, D14cm. 
  • Weight 2000g. 
  • Batteries required: 3 x AA (not included) plus . 
  • For ages 9 months and over. 

The walker is available from most major toy retailers and online retailers.

The Rain Run

It's official, I am renaming the 'School Run' the 'Rain Run' bang on 3pm and down comes the rain. 

Running a little later than usual, my usual parking spots were taken up and with the children on the yard playing I took the opportunity to go and watch my son playing with the recent complaints that he has been making, with this came parking on the main road, in the rain and to get to the pavement crossing over the grass verge which appeared to be dotted with dog poo - how lovely!

I pull up and think we (the baby and me) are just about to get away with a light shower when the heaven's open up and it pours down.
Great! The time it takes for me to open the boot and get out the pushchair, put the rain cover on, get the baby out of the car seat and fasten her in the pram I am drenched and still have to manage the walk to outside the classroom pushing the pram and carrying a large golf umbrella. Yes it is true women are great at multi tasking but patience for me is now running low after the car fails its MOT this morning and this was now the 2nd time I had got soaked through!

Now where's the rain!!!!!
Saturday, 25 February 2017


The past few weeks have been tough, I don't think I have had more than 2 nights of unbroken sleep in a month or so now!

I forgot how tough it is when you are tired and then when I have the chance to go to sleep I seem to be consumed with getting the housework done or trying to get ahead of myself which never works and I still end up chasing my tail trying to get things done last minute! Sound familiar?

As it stands we have been decorating the house since the Summer, big project which involved completely ripping out the left hand side of our home, levelling floors and installing a new kitchen as well as moving doorways etc, all this with a 8 month old baby and 6 year old was not ideal.

We are on the last stages now where we are just finishing the hall and landing, although I do need to rip up the hideous carpet from the bathroom, yes we have carpet in a bathroom and well it's just got to go.

Slimming World went to pot as I decided after one glass of prosecco that I wanted to crack open the chocolates we had since Christmas and at 3.5syns each I devoured far too many so it's time to be strict this week.

So back to the main part of my original post, teeth. I am pretty sure that the baby is cutting some more teeth, in fact I know she is as I have seen the 4th bottom tooth sparkling back at me, her gums however look as if they are producing the canines which at 13 months she seems to be bang on time. Anbesol normally does the trick for us but tonight I had to give the calpol as well as she really wasn't happy.

Let's hope she sleeps through tonight and the teeth arrive sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Baby Dry Pants - Perfect for little wrigglers!

Since my daughter began to crawl, changing nappies has become slightly.....difficult!

I love trying products and giving an honest, unbiased opinion so when I was asked by Pampers to try the Baby Dry Pants for my now 1 year old, I was thrilled.

With my son I was able to use many brands without problem, however with my daughter we have simply stuck to Pampers as they seem to suit her best and anyone with children will know that it's not a case on one size fits all it's a case of what works for you.

Already confident that we would get on well with the Pampers brand it was time to give the pants a whirl and when they landed on the doorstep last Friday we got down to business......well my daughter did.

Now if like me, you thought that these were just for potty training then you would be wrong, these are not, they are here to make life easier.

The pants simply pull on and the elasticated legs simply stretch to fit comfortably around baby's legs. So once you have the feet through it's pull up and let them go!
The waistband is also elasticated to fit comfortably and fit to your baby.
Removing the nappy is simple, the sides tear away so easy to deal with even the messiest nappy change and then the tab at the back comes away to roll up, secure and dispose of.

Well, honestly I couldn't think of any real disadvantages apart from the limitations on sizes. The pants start from size 3-6 but the extra absorbency found in the + sizes are not offered in this range, so I have to admit I only use them during the day and refer back to the original baby-dry nappies for a dry night.

So would I recommend? Yes of course, perfect when baby is on the move to get a nappy change done quickly without struggling to keep your little wriggler still.
Going forward I do think I will purchase some more and keep using them as I am sure as my daughter gets older she will only be much more of a wriggler.

So why not give them a try for yourself and let me know how you get on!

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Wonder Weeks

Ok I have the Wonder Week App and have looked at it from time to time in the first year of my daughter's birthday, however not so much towards the last few months but then with Z not going down in the evenings as she did the bedtime routine seems to have shot out the window along with my sanity!

Gone are the evenings where she had her dinner, bath, milk and bed, now the eldest child is overtaking her and is often asleep before she is!

Determined to get things back on track and for Mummy and Daddy to be able to have a conversation and possibly even some alone time, I have been trying to regain control over the night time routines for both children. Hubby was away last week so I started, beginners luck however as Monday night, both kids were tucked up and away before half 8! By 9pm I was enjoying a soak in a hot bath and catching up with friends, the next night did not go to plan at all and it was gone 10pm before both kids were asleep despite trying to repeat the previous nights events.

So back to Wonder Weeks, I decided to take a look and well it seems my daughter is in Leap 8 and has been for a while. Sometimes these leaps take you by surprise and you dread them and they seem to pass by relatively calmly, I, however, am lucky to have a group of mum friends and our babies are all relatively close in age and well, I was told to expect hell!

So yes, separation anxiety has occurred for us, for sure. Z cries if I hand her to my husband, leave the room or basically go to work. For me, I hate hearing her cry as she is such a placid little girl that she only ever cried when she was in pain, hungry or over tired. That seems to be passing now, maybe due to the fact that until yesterday the only time she was apart from me was for my 2 shifts in work!

Sleep however is another tale, as we near the end of this leap, I hope that I can regain control at bedtimes and the lapse bringing her into bed at 4am isn't going to have ruined me in the same way it did my son and I recall the nights lying on the floor in his bedroom! I CANNOT do that again!

I feel reassured that once Leap 8 passes things will be good but just when that leap is due to end I do not know!

Tonight it was just before 10pm that I managed to get Z down but I think we are onto a winner, normally she has cat naps for my husband and she's still going strong at this hour! Let's see if this teething baby manages to sleep through.

For more info on The Wonder Weeks check out the app or the website.