Saturday, 25 February 2017


The past few weeks have been tough, I don't think I have had more than 2 nights of unbroken sleep in a month or so now!

I forgot how tough it is when you are tired and then when I have the chance to go to sleep I seem to be consumed with getting the housework done or trying to get ahead of myself which never works and I still end up chasing my tail trying to get things done last minute! Sound familiar?

As it stands we have been decorating the house since the Summer, big project which involved completely ripping out the left hand side of our home, levelling floors and installing a new kitchen as well as moving doorways etc, all this with a 8 month old baby and 6 year old was not ideal.

We are on the last stages now where we are just finishing the hall and landing, although I do need to rip up the hideous carpet from the bathroom, yes we have carpet in a bathroom and well it's just got to go.

Slimming World went to pot as I decided after one glass of prosecco that I wanted to crack open the chocolates we had since Christmas and at 3.5syns each I devoured far too many so it's time to be strict this week.

So back to the main part of my original post, teeth. I am pretty sure that the baby is cutting some more teeth, in fact I know she is as I have seen the 4th bottom tooth sparkling back at me, her gums however look as if they are producing the canines which at 13 months she seems to be bang on time. Anbesol normally does the trick for us but tonight I had to give the calpol as well as she really wasn't happy.

Let's hope she sleeps through tonight and the teeth arrive sooner rather than later.


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