Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Baby Dry Pants - Perfect for little wrigglers!

Since my daughter began to crawl, changing nappies has become slightly.....difficult!

I love trying products and giving an honest, unbiased opinion so when I was asked by Pampers to try the Baby Dry Pants for my now 1 year old, I was thrilled.

With my son I was able to use many brands without problem, however with my daughter we have simply stuck to Pampers as they seem to suit her best and anyone with children will know that it's not a case on one size fits all it's a case of what works for you.

Already confident that we would get on well with the Pampers brand it was time to give the pants a whirl and when they landed on the doorstep last Friday we got down to business......well my daughter did.

Now if like me, you thought that these were just for potty training then you would be wrong, these are not, they are here to make life easier.

The pants simply pull on and the elasticated legs simply stretch to fit comfortably around baby's legs. So once you have the feet through it's pull up and let them go!
The waistband is also elasticated to fit comfortably and fit to your baby.
Removing the nappy is simple, the sides tear away so easy to deal with even the messiest nappy change and then the tab at the back comes away to roll up, secure and dispose of.

Well, honestly I couldn't think of any real disadvantages apart from the limitations on sizes. The pants start from size 3-6 but the extra absorbency found in the + sizes are not offered in this range, so I have to admit I only use them during the day and refer back to the original baby-dry nappies for a dry night.

So would I recommend? Yes of course, perfect when baby is on the move to get a nappy change done quickly without struggling to keep your little wriggler still.
Going forward I do think I will purchase some more and keep using them as I am sure as my daughter gets older she will only be much more of a wriggler.

So why not give them a try for yourself and let me know how you get on!


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