Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The Rain Run

It's official, I am renaming the 'School Run' the 'Rain Run' bang on 3pm and down comes the rain. 

Running a little later than usual, my usual parking spots were taken up and with the children on the yard playing I took the opportunity to go and watch my son playing with the recent complaints that he has been making, with this came parking on the main road, in the rain and to get to the pavement crossing over the grass verge which appeared to be dotted with dog poo - how lovely!

I pull up and think we (the baby and me) are just about to get away with a light shower when the heaven's open up and it pours down.
Great! The time it takes for me to open the boot and get out the pushchair, put the rain cover on, get the baby out of the car seat and fasten her in the pram I am drenched and still have to manage the walk to outside the classroom pushing the pram and carrying a large golf umbrella. Yes it is true women are great at multi tasking but patience for me is now running low after the car fails its MOT this morning and this was now the 2nd time I had got soaked through!

Now where's the rain!!!!!


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