Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Wonder Weeks

Ok I have the Wonder Week App and have looked at it from time to time in the first year of my daughter's birthday, however not so much towards the last few months but then with Z not going down in the evenings as she did the bedtime routine seems to have shot out the window along with my sanity!

Gone are the evenings where she had her dinner, bath, milk and bed, now the eldest child is overtaking her and is often asleep before she is!

Determined to get things back on track and for Mummy and Daddy to be able to have a conversation and possibly even some alone time, I have been trying to regain control over the night time routines for both children. Hubby was away last week so I started, beginners luck however as Monday night, both kids were tucked up and away before half 8! By 9pm I was enjoying a soak in a hot bath and catching up with friends, the next night did not go to plan at all and it was gone 10pm before both kids were asleep despite trying to repeat the previous nights events.

So back to Wonder Weeks, I decided to take a look and well it seems my daughter is in Leap 8 and has been for a while. Sometimes these leaps take you by surprise and you dread them and they seem to pass by relatively calmly, I, however, am lucky to have a group of mum friends and our babies are all relatively close in age and well, I was told to expect hell!

So yes, separation anxiety has occurred for us, for sure. Z cries if I hand her to my husband, leave the room or basically go to work. For me, I hate hearing her cry as she is such a placid little girl that she only ever cried when she was in pain, hungry or over tired. That seems to be passing now, maybe due to the fact that until yesterday the only time she was apart from me was for my 2 shifts in work!

Sleep however is another tale, as we near the end of this leap, I hope that I can regain control at bedtimes and the lapse bringing her into bed at 4am isn't going to have ruined me in the same way it did my son and I recall the nights lying on the floor in his bedroom! I CANNOT do that again!

I feel reassured that once Leap 8 passes things will be good but just when that leap is due to end I do not know!

Tonight it was just before 10pm that I managed to get Z down but I think we are onto a winner, normally she has cat naps for my husband and she's still going strong at this hour! Let's see if this teething baby manages to sleep through.

For more info on The Wonder Weeks check out the app or the website.


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