Wednesday, 4 January 2017

What a week - Hello 2017!

I have to say I seem to be failing epically with my blogging journey....whoops!

Anyway New Year, New plans so let's go!

After losing over a stone of my gained baby found me again! Bummer but onwards and upwards let's lose it for good. I decided not to do weight watcher but to give Slimming World a try. With a husband who is picky, a son who eats barely anything healthy and a daughter just beginning her food journey it's time to get it right.
I don't want to spend my life being on a diet, counting points and tracking. I want to make healthy choices and be healthy.
Seems like someone up there is smiling on me as I won a pass for 3 months at my old gym so despite having a bug (more about that in a bit) I plan on using it to get some extra exercise in.

So my daughter is about to turn 1! Where did that time go???

So where is she at? She has two 4 front teeth two to the top left and two to the bottom, she has another two poking on the top right and one coming though on the bottom but they are taking their time.
We have hair at last! Whoop I have a fair haired lady just like her big brother was. No walking yet and well, I am not in any rush for that to begin, I really enjoy her crawling as it was something that we missed out on when my son was younger.

So back to the bug....Christmas and New Year had been and gone and yes I overindulged slightly on NYE so the next day I just assumed I was feeling rough from the night before little did I know I was on the verge of having a horrific bug that would wipe me out for 24 hours!
As the only place I had been was the Supermarket I assume that was where I caught it and with my son having a reaction to antibiotics, me being sick was not ideal but hey the 2nd January was officially 'Sick' day in our home.
I spent the entire day in bed, much to the disappointment of my husband who had to look after both kids for the day, yes the entire day and night.
Thankfully after the rest I started to feel better but not myself so I am still trying to take it easy.
Then the absolute worst happened.....the husband caught it. Great. Now you know if you are ever ill, your partner has it twice as bad as you, so when I got the text....I rolled my eyes, I knew what was coming.

Thankfully my son is better and managed to go back to school today, after much complaining as he doesn't like it and numerous other reasons, I have my suspicions that he just wanted to be at home as he can do as he pleases, hence by the time I collect him the overly cocky 6 year old had returned along with his temper when he was asked to go to bed. Marvellous.

So as we hit the first week in January we haven't had the best start but hey, there are still another 51 weeks to go, so as planning for Little Miss's 1st birthday has to start to take shape, my weightloss starts to get attacked it's time to take 2017 and own it!


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