Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Baby Bond - Ultra Sound Direct

So as this is my 2nd pregnancy I am fortunate to be in a bit of a better position than last time which meant my husband and I decided to have a private gender scan to find out whether we would be

If I am completely honest it was all me, my husband has a bit more patience than me but I was so desperate to start buying little bits especially now I was feeling little kicks.

We had a recommendation for Baby Bond and several other friends who were expecting had used them for various other scans, so once we had the 12 week scan I booked an appointment for when I was just 17 weeks. I also hoped it would break up that long wait for the 20 week scan.

I booked the appointment online which was straightforward enough, selecting the scan I wanted to have and then selected a suitable date and time to have the scan and paid a deposit using my debit card.
Email confirmation arrived and that was it....done. I just had to wait for the date to come around.

The day before the scan I received a telephone call to confirm our appointment and to advise us that we were to have a drink before the scan and to arrive at least 10 minutes before our scheduled appointment time.

The next morning I was anxious as I had expected, I STILL feel nervous that it is all one big dream even though I am now getting bigger and feeling kicks.

As we arrived we were quickly seen to and I paid the balance owed for the scan. I was then led to the scanning room which was rather large and a lot brighter than the one I had experienced in the hospital.
The lady scanning us was very good, she made the whole experience that bit more personal to us, asking us questions and taking her time to get some good images of the baby and to most importantly confirm what she believed we were expecting.

Our appointment was 20 minutes and we were able to view the baby on a large screen facing the bed, we saw the heart and stomach and she was able to confirm that she could see all was fine. Of course she was also able to tell us the gender can you guess what we are having??

Overall I suppose this was to satisfy my curiosity and was a nice to have, I would like to have another scan closer to the end of my term but I doubt that I could persuade hubby to let me have another especially as the next few months will involve redecorating the nursery and bedding etc.


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