Wednesday, 19 August 2015

16 week appointment

As this is my 2nd baby, I seem to have less visits at the hospital/midwife so today was the 2nd appointment with my community midwife.

As it's the school holidays, my 4 year old accompanied me to the visit and he was very well behaved having requested to bring some books along for the visit.

As is normal for pregnant women I had to provide a urine sample which was fine, I haven't had any complaints or problems that needed raising with the midwife so it was overall a positive visit, then something magical happened.......

When you hit your 2nd trimester, sometimes you do forget you are pregnant, apart from when you look down and see a rather large bloated tummy! So when we were offered the opportunity to listen to baby's heartbeat my son was in awe. He described the noise as a windy, snow storm but the baby's heartbeat was clear to listen  to at 120-148bpm....

As impatient as I am I went on google to see if I could hazard a guess as to the babies gender, but it seems this method is not fool proof so we will just have to wait until Sunday when we have the gender scan.

Next appointment with the community midwife for me will be at 28 weeks which seems forever away but I am back at the hospital for a few appointments next month.

Apart from some toothache all seems to be fine and apart from me falling asleep mid afternoon I feel pretty good!


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