Wednesday, 5 August 2015

The end of Tri 1......

So here we go a bit late in the day as I am now in Tri 2 but that allows me to get you up to speed with how things have been in Tri 1.

Ok so we returned from a family holiday in Florida and on the last May bank holiday we found out that baby no.2 was on the way. 
With having a 4 year old we wanted to try and keep it quiet until we had done the necessary tests and scans to find out everything was didn't quite go to plan.

I had mixed emotions as to whether I was ready for another, after all since having my son I had dropped 51 lbs and had a whole new lifestyle which included healthy eating and exercising, you could say I found a new me which had fit around my work and looking after my son, being pregnant meant I had to tone a lot of this down and my body was going to change again. I spend the first few weeks tearful, unsure and nervous.
Deep down I think that my son knew something was going on as his behaviour changed to something we had never noticed before, he had mood swings and became aggressive, cue a call to my mum, the only one that truly knows how to deal with bad behaviour - I did say she was my mum didn't I!
 For 2 weeks we dealt with tantrums at bedtime, screaming and aggressive behaviour, I tried to distance myself to avoid getting hurt, which I think seemed to anger my son more as he was used to having me to soothe him and calm him down. On the plus side however, dear hubby had to step up and deal with the mood swings and learn how to manage them and by the end of the 3rd week after a  few visits from my mum, a reduction in toys, no days out and basic communication, he finally turned around and returned to himself. 
We were nearing the 12 week scan at this point and so far everything had seemed to be going as per my first pregnancy so we decided to tell him the reason why he couldn't hit or kick mummy and why mummy had needed more rest and looking after. He took the news well and has been interested and we try to involve him in any ideas we have and so far there have been no negative responses to the impending arrival. 

12 week scan arrived and thankfully all was well

 So we made the decision to book a private scan with Babybond in August to find out the gender and so that our son can come along with us. We didn't have a private scan before so we are all a little excited about this new experience this time around.

As I entered Tri 2 my nausea appeared to be passing and I seemed to have more energy  but found the more I did in a day then the lack of energy I had in the evening and found myself dozing at around 8pm!

Anyway plenty to talk about in the next trimester..........



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