Thursday, 6 August 2015

The beginning of Tri 2

So here we are in the next trimester, a third of the way there.
Since my last post my son's behaviour is back to normal so the 3 week blip has passed. 

Me on the other hand I have returned to my Zumba classes, although I now do the low impact version its good to still have a bit of time to myself one night a week and to keep a bit of exercise going.
I do have a fitbit do am aware of how active I am each day of the week and find that I do push myself to do a bit of walking to keep myself active.

Week 14 saw me get more energy, the headaches and nausea seemed to have eased off and I was only really tired when I had been on my feet all day.
I have moved myself into the spare room so that I can have a bit more room as I seem to be really restless at night at the moment and having strange dreams that seem a little bit to real so I don't want to keep hubby awake.

We invested in a new pushchair system as well as  my previous system we used for my son a SilverCross Linear Freeway was just too bulky for the back of my car and I wanted something that was quick and easy to put up and push as I plan on doing a lot of walking once Baby No.2 arrives.
I will go into a bit more detail a bit closer to the time and share some piccies as well but so far the new pushchair has arrived and we are suprised at how compact and robust it appears and am certainly looking forward to putting it to the test.

This month seems to be pretty quiet in terms of hopsital visits and appointments compared to July which saw me have my Booking In Appointment, Blood Tests and 12 week scan.
I have an appointment with my local midwife in a few weeks and the private scan towards the end of the month other than that it's all quiet on the bump front.

I've got the school uniform sorted for my son so just need to add his name into everything and he is ready for the new term in September. We have a few days out planned once hubby takes some time off work and maybe a few days away if we can find somewhere to go.


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