Thursday, 3 September 2015

Approaching halfway.....

So here we are at almost 19 weeks... the last few weeks seem to be ticking by and the next scan is approaching. I always get nervous when it comes to scans. I always expect that I have been imagining it all in a dream.

For the past fortnight I have been feeling small kicks but this week they have been a lot more regular and having a lot more impact!

Working is getting a lot harder and I struggle with bending and reaching, actually being on my feet for a long period of time is still fine for me so I am hoping that they don't offer for me to be sat down for most of my shifts as I am already struggling with being less active!!
Thankfully I have a group of friends with Fitbits and we all have the workweek hustle as well as the weekend challenges and I never want to come bottom so it does encourage me to get up and go for walks and to keep myself active!

I am feeling pretty good this trimester, the nausea has virtually gone and food aversions also I just find I tire a lot more but am getting a good amount of sleep at night so I am hitting my target.

After finding out last week that we were having a girl, me holding off buying things until the 20 week scan confirmed it hasn't lasted long and I fully took advantage of the further reductions on the gorgeous clothes by Mini Mode at Boots


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