Monday, 9 November 2015

It's the Final Countdown!

Here we are 28 weeks....
The third and final trimester.

I have to say I feel really good at the moment. I am suffering with heartburn so am having to be really careful to not eat anything to trigger it. It tends to hit me in the afternoon and at bedtime so after enjoying chocolate the past few weeks I have had to curb that as it does bring on the heartburn!

Many people are still asking me if I am pregnant? I never had this in my first pregnancy however I was 54lbs heavier!! This is my bump bang on 28 weeks, so neat!

Although I haven't felt much like exercising I still make use of my fitbit and track my activity levels daily and participate in the challenges with friends to try and always hit 10,000 steps. 
I am still quite proud of myself for being active in work and managing 19hrs a week on my feet, my previous job was office based so my movement was limited and I had a lot more water retention, this pregnancy has so far been amazing, I have had hardly any complaints apart from walking now is a lot harder as I feel as if I constantly need the toilet!

The nursery is still work in progress but this weekend saw the carpet being ordered along with the furniture so by the end of the month it should all be done!


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