Monday, 16 November 2015

10 weeks until delivery date

I really cannot believe that soon I will be into single digit weeks, this pregnancy is really flying by.
Last week saw me finding things a little bit tougher.
Having developed a healthier lifestyle and really enjoying my fitness I have always tried to keep active during the pregnancy and well it just hasn't happened in the past week.
I still wear my fitbit and am still doing really well in challenges
 (when I say that I normally rank midway)

Here is this weeks bumpy pic at 29 weeks I seem to have rapidly grown!
 As I get bigger, so does baby and she seems to have less room now as the movements have definitely become more violent! 
Heartburn has returned mainly in the evenings and it's getting much more difficult to get comfortable despite having two additional pillows.

This weekend my 4 year old has suffered with a bad cough and cold so there has been a lot of bed hopping going on to try and prevent me from getting ill, unfortunately there isn't much that can be done to flush out the virus but we found that the calpol vapour plugs helped our son get to sleep and offer relief from the troublesome cough.

Changes have now been made in work as I struggle being on my feet all day as the baby seems to be putting pressure when I walk and I feel I need the toilet all of the time so I am looking forward to finishing work in 5 weeks time...........


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