Friday, 19 May 2017

Soaking with Sanctuary

So in my desperation to try and get some time for myself I have decided that on a Friday (or a Saturday) evening that I am going to have a mini pamper.

This actually means it's the one day of the week I use a skin cleanser on my face, shave my legs and give my skin a bit of a scrub and moisturise and today I rummaged around and found my birthday gift  at the back of the bathroom shelf.

Cue a steaming hot bath, some bath soak and the Lisa Jewell Novel, 'I Found You' which like the Sanctuary goodies has been pushed to the back of the shelf for months and in I got.

Admittedly the acoustics were not the best, a 6 year old giving a talk through on one of his games he was playing on his tablet in his room, a 1 year old rattling the cot bars in her nursery and my husband listening to youtube videos but do you know what I was getting a bath and enjoying some 'me' time.


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