Friday, 21 April 2017

A night away from the kids....

This year has been crazy so far, it feels we have almost done half the year at a ridiculous speed!

Here we are in April and things show no sign of slowing down, I find myself in a constant battle between housework, caring for the children, working and then we have had social events as well.
We knew that March and April was going to be like this so we booked a break away, well an evening away!

Our son went to the inlaws and my mum had the baby and off we went for a relaxing spa day at a nearby Spa called the Lion Quays, which I will be reviewing over on my other blog here!

So after spending a good few weeks looking forward to the break and having time to be me and spend it with my husband and actually talk, I really missed the kids, yes those that I spend practically every moment with. It made me feel actually sad to be away from my daughter in particular as we are inseparable and as she is going through Leap 9 of the Wonder Weeks she seems to really miss me even when I leave the room.

The spa was lovely I switched off, relaxed and even grabbed some sleep. Then we had a meal in a restaurant and a bit too much wine but all the same it was a break and relaxing but I couldn't wait to come home and get hugs and kisses from the kids all the same.

Sometimes being a mum is just the best.


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