Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Moving Out!

Here I am writing this today and my little girl is now just over 19 weeks old! The time is absolutely flying. We are really settled now however and getting ready to move her into her own bedroom, which makes me slightly sad as I will not have her next to me still but she seems pretty settled at the moment, sleeping through the nights (I know!) but she just seems to need more space.
For me, I have been taking this journey alongside a great group of friends and we help each other through each difficult stage. "Moving Out" is one of those steps that, as a mum you never want to take. The 1st step to your little baby growing up. Realistically however, there are only so many times you can deal with the baby getting woken up by your husbands snoring!

So with a monitor set up and a sensor pad in the cot it was time to make the move. It's so funny as a first time parent I wanted to hit every milestone bang on and was constantly looking for the next thing, this time I hang on to every single moment, delaying the next as long as possible, why? Simply because the next children to enter our family will be likely to be our Grandchildren as hubby is adamant that we are not having anymore and well, although we have a spare room we want it to remain just that and I do have ideas of it becoming a play room although I think I would have to win my husband around on that one!

Anyway wish me luck, I bet she will get more sleep than me!


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